The Tactical Wi-Fi System is a portable Wi-Fi Interception sensor. The device intercepts  targets with a range extending up to 700 meters. The system is controlled remotely  and there is no need for an operator in the field.

The sensor can operate for up to 4 days in the field with the basic battery pack.

The Tactical Wi-Fi System is simple to use, with one button used for turning it on. The  operator will place the System’s sensor in the Target’s premises, and can leave it there  for days until it fulfills the mission. The sensor is IP68 and it’s weather proofed.

The system will alert the control center when the target has arrived or left his  premises, it will acquire the target automatically without the need of any action from  the operator.

Once the Target is intercepted, the system will perform several attacks in order to  obtain the Target’s credentials for any website or application the operator desires.

The Tactical Wi-Fi System is able to inject payloads into the target’s device.

All information from the system is sent remotely by an encrypted 4G connection, and  it can be reconfigured remotely without the need to have an operator in the field.

Main Features

  • Long-range interception (up to 700 meters with our integrated booster).
  • Simple to use user interface. •Weather Proof, for outdoor deployment.
  • Up to 8 Access Points in Parallel for efficient Target acquiring.
  • Automatic Target Identifier.
  • 4 Days of operational use.
  • Active Phishing – For faster credential grabbing.
  • iOS – Grab FaceBook Accounts silently.
  • Easy-to-configure missions with predefined scenarios.
  • Small sized interception sensor.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Interception KIT that includes variety of antennas and modules for different tactical  scenarios and ranges.
  • Tripod and magnets for easy deployment for car kits, room interception, backpack  use, etc. ONE BUTTON. All the rest is done remotely.

Core Functionalities

The down fields capabilities previously possessed by professional Wi-Fi penetration experts to field  agents in an operational mode.

Wi-Fi Recon

Scanning of all access points and hosts (devices,  phones, tablets, computers) in the system’s range.

Target Identification

The systems are able to correlate and find specific  target’s mac address.

Target Acquiring

After identifying the target, the system can fake up to  8 access points in parallel to obtain the target to the  system.

For extended range, a booster with 40Watt (20×2)  amplifiers is provided to have better signal than the  target’s access point.

The system disconnects the target from their network  without using an external jammer. The system can  also operate it’s 32Watt Digital Jammer, which will  eliminate the target’s network.

Attack Vectors


Semi-Passive, View HTTP & DNS traffic to understand the target’s behaviour.


In-context phishing to extract credentials for further  cloud extraction.

Landing Page

Forge lgitimate public places’ landing page to extract  accounts (FaceBook, Google, etc..)

Account Grabber

Random messages to obtain target’s iCloud account /  Android account.

Remote Client

Export Data

Technical Specification

Interception Range Up tp 500 meters
Concurrent intercepted targets Up to 50 in parallel
Access Points Up to 8
Battery run time Up to 4 Days
Battery Field Maintenance Quick Release Magnetic Connectors
Remote Control Wi-Fi / 4G
ON/OFF from remote
Amplifier 20W x 2
DDS Wi-Fi Jammer 2.4/5.8 GHz
Remotely controlled
Size 156 x 100 x 60mm
Weight 3.9kg
Operating Humidity 88%
Environmental IP67
Field Installation Modular with Magnets on the Back
Field Mobile / Transportable Backpack Deployable

Tactical Kit

Operation mode-Identify targets

  • Interception in public places makes the acquiring phase easier as we know the SSID  (network name).
  • The System will emulate the Public Place’s network. Once the target connected, the  system will emulate the Public Place’s landing page (captive portal), and will  convince the target to place his credentials.
  • This scenario is suited for Coffee shops, Hotels, Airports, etc..

Operation Mode- Coffee Shop/ Restaurant

Operation Mode- Acquiringtargets

  • Probing – Target’s device transmits over the air known networks. The system will  intercept and use them to emulate a trusted network of the target.
  • Public networks – Every country has it’s own networks (Provider, restaurants, public  train, airport, etc) – The System will emulate and use them to try and acquire the  Target.
  • No previous intelligence – The system will emulate the Target’s encrypted network.  It will eliminate it’s network with DDS Jammer, and wait for the target to manually  connect to our network (same SSID, no password).
  • The system can fake up to 8 Access Points in parallel to make the process faster.

Operation Mode- Car / longdistance